Underground Boring

The purpose of the underground bore is to get from point A to point B underneath the obstruction without disturbing the surface. The first step is for Jelinek Well Drilling to survey the area and the obstacles in question; i.e., road, sidewalk, driveway, landscaping. All underground utilities must be located and marked in order to determine the best path to use in sending the tool through. Then the first hole is then dug on one side of the obstacle. This hole must be large enough to fit the tool and the operator in it so they can aim the tool. The hole also must be deep enough that the tool compacts the ground while the surface remains undisturbed. The depth of the starting bore pit will depend on the type of soil that is being worked in and how well it compacts. The boring tool is then aimed to the desired exit point and allowed to perform its function of creating a bore hole through the ground without disturbing the surface. Everything is closely monitored.

The operator tracks the tool and from its pounding point he can approximate the tool's location underneath the ground. As the tool nears the exit point it is slowed down and an exit pit is dug to locate both the tool and the bore. As the tool enters the exit pit it is determined whether to dig up the tool to retrieve it or reverse the tool back into the first bore pit to retrieve it. Now, between the two pits is a completed bore underneath the obstacle which can be used to run the water line. Jelinek Well Drilling's skilled crew have the knowledge and experience in underground boring and they are the only well drilling company in the area that has the equipment to get this type of boring done right.

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