Submersible Pump Systems/Service

#1 Traditional System (see graphic at right) includes a submersible pump, 20 gallon size diaphragm pressure tank with water pressure ranging from 40 PSI to 60 PSI.

#2 In-Well Pressure Tank System is a long narrow diaphragm pressure tank inside the well casing. The heart of the system is a mechanical constant pressure valve. As you draw water, the pump will start up and run at a constant PSI (factory set at 50/60) no matter how much water you use. As you vary your usage, the water flow is regulated by the mechanical valve and stays at a constant pressure. The pump runs the whole time you use water. Your pump will actually last longer and use less electricity with a constant pressure valve.

The constant pressure valve significantly reduces pump noise. Another advantage to the In-Well Tank System is a dry floor compared to a regular tank. Condensation is no longer an issue especially in the humid months during the summer. It is a neat, clean and compact set up where the pressure tank would normally go. For mobile homes, slab construction and limited space, it is a great option.

#3 Spin-On Constant Pressure System is a constant pressure valve with a small pressure tank in the basement. It has the same advantages of the In-Well System except the small tank is inside the building.

#4 Electronic variable frequency drives are also available. Please call or e-mail for more information.

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